Our Core Values


Our Core Values header

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." - Albert Einstein.

That is why we always frame and measure all decisions and discussions, no matter their scope, by strict compliance to our core values.

  • Fiduciary Responsibility:  Our commitment is to always keep our clients’/investors’ interests ahead of our own. Not only is it our obligation and your expectation, it is good business. We do well only when you do well.

  • Integrity:  It is, unfortunately, an over-used and under-practiced concept. To us, integrity matters a great deal. We are committed to make every decision and perform every task reliably, honestly and to always be fully transparent.

  • Discipline:  We evaluate every investment opportunity with strict financial discipline. We have created a proprietary value/risk matrix that guides our investment decisions and ensures consistent modeling for evaluating opportunities and optimizing returns.

  • Quality:  We seek only high-quality assets in fundamentally excellent markets. Our management team has a long track record of developing projects of the highest quality while maintaining a commitment to value investing and utilization of investment capital.

  • Financial Stewardship:  We take our responsibility as stewards of our investors’ capital quite seriously. We acknowledge that our clients have worked hard to achieve success and we work equally hard to protect their assets.

  • Environmental Stewardship:  We are not only stewards of our clients’ assets, we are also stewards of the environment. In every investment opportunity, we strive to not only do well, but to do good. That means achieving desired financial results while preserving and protecting the land, emphasizing “sustainable” development practices, such as maximizing use of recycled water, employing green building techniques and generally leveraging state-of-the art planning strategies. In all ways we seek to minimize our environmental footprint.