Investment Strategy


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We combine exceptional financial expertise with on the ground experience in community development. This combination of talents affords us a much better opportunity to achieve extraordinary risk-adjusted returns for our investors, as compared to other sponsors managed primarily by financial professionals.

  • Terra Verde Group places its highest priority on first preserving and then growing capital, managing risk through intensive attention to detail. We independently monitor and analyze industry trends and results, in addition to consulting with leading legal and financial advisors throughout the industry. This discipline enables us to reach clear strategic conclusions that are in the best interests of Terra Verde and our partners.

  • We invest in opportunistic land and residential real estate transactions, focusing on:
    • Purchase of assets at significant discounts to replacement cost, which allows us to re-price the product at current market levels.
    • Development/redevelopment of the asset to the highest use.
    • Entitlement and/or repositioning to achieve greatest value.
    • Utilization of aggressive sales and marketing techniques.
  • We often invest our own capital, along side that of our private equity and high net-worth client base, in addition to structuring investments with institutional investors.

  • We also invest in debt, secured by real estate located across the United States. We pursue sub-performing loans at substantial discounts to the unpaid principal balance, focusing on residential land developments and home site inventories across the southern and western US.

  • Our investment philosophy is centered on targeting exceptional opportunities where strategic proactive capitalization entitlement, development, redevelopment, repositioning, and/or sales and marketing expertise and strategies can add significant material value.

  • Terra Verde's principals have extensive industry relationships, creating a significant deal flow pipeline. Sellers and industry professionals contact us because they know our track record and our ability to quickly evaluate opportunities with institutional discipline and aggressively respond at entrepreneurial speed and creativity.